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You've never had Pacho's?12/01/2016West Kelowna Kelly & Carlos O'Bryan's

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What do you mean you haven’t had the Pachos before?

If you’re a newcomer to Kelly O’Bryan’s, be prepared to hear this question: “have you tried out the Pachos yet?” If your answer is anything other than an emphatic “yes,” then be prepared to deal with the shocked looks on the faces of your friends and family (and possibly the guy sitting the next table over!) Luckily, this tension is easily broken when you order a plate of our golden-delicious waffle-cut fries that are drowned in savory melted cheese, fresh green onions and our special homemade dipping sauce. You’ll want to be careful though; it’s easy to get territorial with all the prying hands that will inevitably creep over to your plate for “just one more!”

The influence of the Pacho phenomenon extends well beyond the doors of our restaurant. In fact, they’ve become a British Columbia staple, with many people creating their own variations to make at home. Some people may use curly or crinkle-cut fries instead of waffle fries, while others still will have their own takes on our famous Emerald Isle sauce. This is fine, because while often imitated, it has never been duplicated.

Let’s actually talk about that sauce for a moment. There was a time when we served this appetizer with salsa and sour cream, until our chef had a Newton’s apple moment and dipped a single cheese-covered fry into our homemade Emerald Isle sauce. The effect was like a culinary firework show – the most exciting combination since peanut butter and jelly, peaches and cream, or spaghetti and meatballs! At first, we only shared this revelation with our staff as an after-work treat, but eventually the secret got out. The rest, as they say, is history!

The truth is that few of our patrons pass up the opportunity to order a plate of Pachos. The salty, savory goodness of the fried potatoes and green onions are so perfectly complimented by the tangy-yet-cool Emerald Isle sauce, that it makes them all but irresistible. We encourage you to attempt to make them at home and spread the word to all your friends, but when you are still craving the real deal, come on back to have some more. The epicenter of the Pacho revolution is Kelly O’Bryan’s Neighborhood Restaurant & Carlos O'Bryan's Pubs, where you’ll enjoy the original article in an authentic Irish setting that’ll keep you coming back for more!

Countdown to St. Paddy's Day