Irish Laws

  1. You don’t have to be Irish to eat here, but acting Irish helps.
  2. You’re welcome to “Eat Drink and be Irish” but the laws of British Columbia do not allow you to “Drink, Drink, and be Irish”, nor do they allow you to “Eat, Drink too Much and Drive”. We are the proud creators of L.A.D.D (Leprechauns Against Drunk Driving). You are important to us and because of this we encourage you to use moderation when consuming alcohol. Should we feel it necessary to approach you, please do not take offense ~ we really do care & look forward to having you back in one piece… and if you’ve had too much please take a cab, the bus, a train.
  3. L.A.D.D. – Leprechauns Against Drunk Driving ~ We care about you and your friends and we still want you to have a wonderful time. So, if there is a designated driver in your group let us know and they will receive a free non-alcoholic beverage as a token of our appreciation. It’s cool to be a designated driver.
  4. Irishmen (and women) are not shy. Don’t sit there if you need some help, wave or yell like heck. You can rupture an eyebrow trying to make eye contact. Any one of our staff will be happy to help you.
  5. If you want it and we have it, we’ll make it for you.
  6. We stand behind our products and service 100%. Quality and value will always be our first concern when choosing menu items.
  7. Any meal can be ordered at any time of the day, with the exception of Prime Rib as it is available after 4PM daily.
  8. We offer you a “FREE BIRTHDAY LUNCH” entrée (to the value of $20) from 11AM until 4PM and a “FREE BIRTHDAY DINNER” entrée (to the value of $30) from 4PM until midnight only if:
    1. You come in on the day of your birthday.
    2. You bring at least one friend
    3. You can spell your entire name correctly
    4. And of course, you can prove it is your birthday.  
  9. We will gladly take reservations, so please call ahead when you know a group of you is coming down. If your party is growing, shrinking or going to be late please call and let us know we would gladly accommodate as best as we can.
  10. We don’t want to be rude and make you feel unwanted, so we will never bring your cheque until you ask for it. Please remember your server is also your cashier and it will be much more convenient for you if you pay at your table. If you have any trouble finding your server please refer to #4.
  11. The only time you will ever hear us say “NO” is when it is followed immediately by the word “PROBLEM”

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