Countdown to St. Paddy's Day

January & February is the Month on Birthdays!

Apparently Kelly/Carlos O'Bryan's likes to open locations in January and February. We have 6 Birthdays in the first two months of the year! Courtenay turned 1 January 8th, Kitsilano turning 5 January 20th, Kamloops Kelly's turning 32 February 5th, Kamloops Carlos turning 10 February 9th, Kelowna turning 33 February 17th and Nanaimo turning 6 February 18th!

Join us at any location on their birthday for Happy Hour Prices all day. 

Countdown to Green03/10/2017Kitsilano Carlos O'Bryan's

Location Details

It shouldn't be too much of a surprise what our favourite day of the year is around these parts, here's a hint it rhymes with "Paint Satricks". Every year the lead up is a little bit different between our various food promotions and features, to our weekly prize giveaways.

There is a constant however, and that is the ongoing excitement evident in our staff and pub atmosphere, and with only one week to go we are almost at full throttle. We have already given away a couple great prizes, a Samsung Tablet and set of VR Goggles, but still have a fully functional Guinness mini fridge and 65' Samsung Curve television to give to our loyal patrons. All you have to do is pop in for a few beverages and we will give you some entries to get you in on all the action; the 65' TV being the big take-home to be drawn Saint Patrick's day.

As for the day and the party at the pub itself, we always try to keep the rules to a minimum to make all our lives easier so here is a quick overview.

  • We don't take any reservations for the day of, so come in early if you want a great spot
  • If your birthday falls on Saint Patrick's Day but you are worried about having room, we are happy to treat you to our birthday promotion within a week before or after the day
  • This year our pub's hours will be 9:00am until 1:00am, so you've really no excuse not to come say hi
  • This is and should remain a joyous occasion for all, that includes our wonderful staff and patrons, so while you are having a blast try to make sure that isn't at the expense of someone else
  • Finally, don't be afraid to get your green on, you better believe we will be dressed to impress

We could go on all day, but we'd rather have a couple of surprises up our sleeves so I suppose you will just have to show up and see!

Countdown to St. Paddy's Day