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National Caesar Day05/18/2017Kamloops Carlos O'Bryan's

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Are you as excited about national caesar day as we are??!! 

We are offering a couple different types of caesars today!

In our first one we have vodka, pickle juice, horseradish,topped with a skewer of a pickle, bean, olive and asparagus on a celery salted rim... we call this one the pickled!

Our second featured caesar is a citrus vodka, topped with‚Äča skewer with a bean and peperoncini and a lemon wedge on a lemon pepper rim.. this is called the lemon pepper. 

Bombay and olive juice topped with a skewer of olives and a celery stick on a rock salted rim is our third featured caesar that will simply be called a gin caesar.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST.. we have the western caesar, this one contains vodka and HP sauce topped with a skewer with a bean, pickle, garlic sausage, olive and a slice of bacon with a tex mex celery salted rim!!

We will also have a traditional and a build your own! just don't forget to let us know if you like yours SPICY, MEDIUM, or MILD!!!

Countdown to St. Paddy's Day