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Kelly & Carlos O'Bryan's are Back to Regular Dining Hours!!!

All Kelly & Carlos O'Bryan's locations are Back to Regular Dining Hours. Please contact your local location for further details. 

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Kelly O'Bryan's & Carlos O'Bryan's COVID-19 Safety Plan


Kelly/Carlos O’Bryan’s Covid-19 Safety Plan 2020            DOWNLOAD A PDF HERE


Maximum Number of Patrons Allowed within this Premise is: __190___


Front Entrance

  • A sign will be posted to ask customers to wait outside until they are met by a staff member. When weather permits the host/hostess will be stationed outside to greet customers. Customers will be encouraged to make reservations, within our reservation policy we take phone numbers to contact customers, and while waiting for a table customers will either be asked to wait in their car or to avoid congregation of other groups.


  • A sign will be posted to let customers know that they must wear masks in the building. The host/hostess will let customers know that they must wear masks while walking to their table, getting up to use the washroom and leaving the restaurant. They must remain seated during their entire dining experience except for items stated above.


  • The host/hostess will offer customers either digital or paper menus. Every table will receive an information sheet which will explain what we are doing about Covid-19 and explain our Birthday promotion and Double Happy Hour promotions. All paper menus will be a single use! Laminated menus will be disinfected and sanitized.


  • A hand sanitizer dispenser will be situated at the front entrance.


  • Line ups and reservations – No customers are to wait inside the building for anytime.


  • Post a Notice at front doors saying that any customers showing signs of being sick will be asked not to enter the premise.





Dining Room

    • 2 meters between backs of chairs. Customers at the bar may seat in groups of six but that group must be 2 meters from any other group. Place notices throughout the dining room reminding people of the 2-meter rule for social distancing.


    • Change your floor plan to your new table lay out. On this plan you should put arrows to show flow. You should also list where you are putting your hand sanitizer dispensers with a small “s” (put on the bottom a legend to tell what the “s” stands for). This plan should be laminated and hung by the entrance.


    • No parties larger than 6. Customers must be made aware that they cannot join other tables if the number of customers go over 6.


    • Remove chairs and tables not used. All extra chairs to be removed and store off site if possible.


    • Tables that are not used must have a sign on them that say “This table is closed due to Covid-19”


    • Can use every booth. We feel that a five-foot partition is sufficient to provide a sufficient barrier between tables.


    • Pathways to tables and washrooms must be 2 meters wide. This is extremely important for compliance.


    • May want to consider arrows so that customers and staff know which path to take to ensure the 2-meter rule.


    • Leave front doors open all the time so people do not have to open the door or have hostess only open the door. This will not be mandatory but might be easier for customers.


    • Crayons given to children are single use and must be discarded after each use unless the child takes them with them.


    • Customers will not be given a side plate unless it is asked for by the customer. However, Napkins will still be brought to the table without a side plate according to our policy.


    • At 11AM and 4PM do a thorough peroxide clean


    • Table Cleaning
      1. Once everything has been removed from table, the table, chairs from the seat up (including booth backs), must be sprayed liberally with microquat sanitizer. Make sure that table edges and entire chair is sprayed properly. Make sure that booth backs are included in the sanitizing step.


    • Have one person responsible on shift all the time for sanitizing and disinfecting. Three times a day the following must sprayed and left to dry with peroxide disinfectant:
      1. All door handles
      2. All ledges that might be considered a high touch area
      3. All hand rails
      4. Light switches
      5. Coat hooks
      6. ATM, SST and Cigarette Machines
      7. Profitec POS
      8. Debit Card machines
      9. Telephone
      10. Hostess station and/or area
      11. All clip boards that are used in the dining room.
      12. All water jug handles – these must be wiped with potable water and sanitized as well.
      13. Toilet seats must be disinfected and sanitized at the beginning of the day and at the beginning of dinner service – 11 am and 4 pm
      14. Any barriers between tables must be disinfected sanitized at the beginning of the day and at the beginning of table service – 11 am and 4 pm
      15. Complete the checklist available every hour!


    • ATM’s – a hand sanitizer dispenser is to be placed at the ATM with signage on how to use properly. The ATM must be disinfected every hour.


    • SST, Pull-Tabs, and Cigarette machines - a hand sanitizer dispenser is to be placed at these locations with signage on how to use properly. These machines must be disinfected every hour.


    • Pool table, darts or other games will be allowed see in store for strict policy.


    • Liquor service will stop at 10PM and customers will be given to 11PM to finish their alcoholic beverages.


    • Background music and any other background sounds, such as from televisions or other electronic sound producing devices, must be no louder than the volume of normal conversation.


    • We will not be put side plates on the table.


    • Every customer will still get a coaster and they will be single use. If we run short we can use cocktail napkins.


    • Only one server to pick up drinks at one time. Other servers must maintain the 2-meter distance. You might want to put lines on the floor because some have issues with measurements. Distances are much shorter when a server is busy.


    • Avoid situations where staff have less than 1 m or 3 ft between them and a guest (particularly face-to-face connections). This means that servers must stay three feet from the table when taking any orders. Lines on the floor might help with this. A server should not be at a table longer than 10 minutes at one time. If this is necessary, please excuse yourself for at least 3 minutes then return and continue. Obviously when delivering food this is not possible but try to serve from the behind each customer!


    • Servers should leave food and drinks at the front of the table and let the customers pass them after the server has stepped away from the table. Servers cannot reach over the table to set plates and drinks in front of any specific customer.


    • All left over food that the customer would like to take home must be done by the customer. A container should be dropped off the table and the customer can put the left over food in the box, then the dirty plate can be removed.


    • Drinks served in bottles should be poured for initial pour only; bottles left on table and subsequent pours is done by guests, including water when possible. Any refills of pop etc. the customer will get a clean glass.


    • Garnishes and straws will be kept behind the bar and only be touched by the bartender.


    • The bartender must disinfect and sanitize the bar at the beginning of the day and at the beginning of dinner service – 11 am and 4 pm. This should include:
      1. All open liquor bottles including speed spouts
      2. Speed rails
      3. Juice and pop guns
      4. Slush machines
      5. Blenders
      6. Coffee warmers
      7. Beer towers
      8. All door handles on cooler etc.


    • Encourage tap or APP payment methods at tables only, no payment at the bar. It is the server’s responsibility to let tables know this when the bill is presented. It is policy that the debit machine is presented in a plastic bag or plastic covering and cleaned after each use so that the customer is confident that it is sanitary!


    • When customers are paying the server should point out the exit doors that the location may have dedicated.


    • Nothing on tables when ready to be seated.


    • All condiments, salt, pepper etc will be brought to the table upon request and sanitized after use at that table.



  • Times to consider requiring handwashing:
      1. Before handling and running food and drink.
      2. After bussing a table.
      3. Before pouring beer.
      4. After handling cash or credit cards.
      5. Between interacting with different parties



    • Put signs on washrooms to remind people of social distancing


    • A hand sanitizer dispenser will be placed on the outside of the washrooms to encourage customers and staff to sanitize their hands before and after entering the washroom. Signage will be placed above the dispenser explaining how to use properly.


    • A hand sanitizer must be placed near every change table.



    • Urinals must be 2 meters apart. If they are not one urinal must be close off, this should be done professionally!


    • Washrooms must be thoroughly disinfected, cleaned and sanitized every hour


      1. All sinks and taps
      2. Paper towel dispensers
      3. Toilet handles
      4. Door handles and locks



    • Delivery and Pick-up curb side only. This will continue to be a big part of our business, so it is important that you develop a system that works for your location. No delivery person or customer should be allowed to enter the building. The staff member dealing with these customers should wash their hands before and after every delivery.



    • Single use menus or digital menus – QR Code to every table. These must be recycled after each use.


    • A Covid-19 information sheet will be given to every table. These must be recycled after each use.


    • Ask people when they come in whether they would prefer physical menu.


    • We may be out of product from time to time, so menus should be printed daily.


    • Use TV’s to show table talkers and menus.







    • All staff must be wearing masks once they enter the building.
    • Staff cannot work unless they sit through a Covid Protocol Seminar.


    • Safety committee appointed to resolve  any safety issues


    • While training in the FOH it is still important for the Trainer and Trainee to stay 2 meters away from each other unless they both wear face masks or shields.



    • Sick Policy
      1. If sick must report to Floor Supervisor
      2. Do the Self Check assessment online or App


    • Staff that are confirmed in the Self Check assessment must contact 811 and self isolate for 14 days before returning to work and can only return to work after they have no symptoms.


    • All HOH staff must wear mask or face shield while working. No exceptions.


    • Temp all staff before their shift. Every staff member will have to complete and sign the Covid-19 questionnaire before starting work.


    • If while at work, an employee starts experiencing symptoms of respiratory illness consistent with COVID-19, even if symptoms are mild, ask the employee to leave work immediately, go straight home, and have them contact their family physician/primary care provider or 8-1-1 for further guidance.


    • Times to consider requiring handwashing:
      1. Before handling and running food and drink.
      2. After bussing a table.
      3. Before pouring beer.
      4. After handling cash or credit cards.
      5. Between interacting with different parties


    • Only one staff member in staff rooms at one time unless the 2-meter rule can be adhered to. A hand sanitizer must be placed at the entrance to staff areas and staff must sanitize before and after using this area.


    • Staff should be scheduled in teams where the same people work together every shift in possible. This will minimize cross contamination between staff.


    • Staff washrooms must be disinfected and sanitized 3 times a day



To Ensure the Safety of You, Our Teams and our Customers these guidelines must be Practiced!


  1. Hand Washing

Wash Hands Thoroughly for 20 seconds, frequently; with warm water, anti bacterial soap, towel dry. Refer to posted hand washing chart at every wash station.

Wash Hand minimally before starting work, after touching dirty dishes, after touching your face, nose, hair, after going to the washroom, after smoking / vaping, sneezing, coughing, between orders & prep as much as possible.

Hand sanitizers do not take the place of hand washing but recommended when hand washing is not available.


  1. Social Distancing / SD

In our Kitchens SD is difficult, so other measures listed are in place to ensure the safety of you and others. Respect others space, stay on your side of the line as much as possible, allow others to go through corridors, walk-ins, doorways corners before you. If face is unprotected, turn your head away when passing others. Refer to Social Distancing chart




  1. PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

Face shields are provided for you, you must wear these at all times in our kitchens, keep them clean, spray with peroxide let sit for 5 minutes, wipe with potable water and use a single use towel to dry often and disinfect after coughing and sneezing.




  1. Disinfecting multi touch services (not food area’s)

These include but not limited to: Door handles, hand railings, employee washrooms, broom & mop handles, walk-in door handles, all areas outside of food surfaces.

Minimally disinfect these area’s three times per day.

Use disinfecting peroxide. Spray on surfaces, let sit on surface for 5 minutes then wash your hands.


  1. Limit Access to Kitchens

Limit access to the kitchens, including sales reps, delivery drivers, non employees etc. as much as possible, if they do enter our kitchens ensure they are practicing SD and other safety measures.


  1. Managers Scheduling

Managers / Head Chefs will schedule employees in a way that keeps the same workers together on same shifts as much as possible. Please be understanding and flexible to help reduce contact with others.


Countdown to St. Paddy's Day