Countdown to St. Paddy's Day

Plan your next event at your local Kelly O'Bryan's or Carlos O'Bryan's today!

Whether you need a space for a fundraising/charity event, games night, or are looking towards staff/holiday parties; we would be thrilled to host you and your friends! Check out our locations page and contact your local spot anytime.


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Fall/Winter season 2021/202210/01/2021Kelowna Kelly & Carlos O'Bryan's

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Fall and Winter are just as fun as Summer here at Kelly O'Bryan's. Come in and check out our Carlos O'Bryan's Pub Specials Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Or just stop by for a 6 pack of shots for only $24 all day everyday!

We have our Happy Hour twice a day EVERYDAY!

And of course, don't forget to call in and book our Pub for your Private Christmas Parties! Its a nice warm place to celebrate the holiday!

Cant wait to see you soon everyone!!!

Kelly O'Bryan's Management Team

Countdown to St. Paddy's Day